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Shop Fur Paws - Microchips

About Save This Life Microchips

Save This Life has patented a way to use a Google™ search to help you find your lost pet!

When someone finds a pet and performs a Google™ search of the microchip number, they can then privately contact the pet owner via text and email.


The pet owner receives a GPS map of where the person who found their pet is located!

Why Should You Microchip Your Dog?

If you’re wondering why it’s important to get your dog microchipped, you’re not alone. Although microchipping has become standard protocol within shelters and rescues, not all pups have them. Still, these tiny trackers have helped countless lost dogs (and cats!) get back home to their families. Given that numerous dogs run away or are lost through different circumstances during their lifetime, a microchip can provide an extremely important lifeline.

For most people, the thought of losing your dog forever is, of course, devastating. Yet, there are ways to make this possibility far less likely. Whether you’re still deciding if a microchip is right for you and your dog, or are just searching for more information, read ahead.

What Are Microchips?

To begin with, the term “microchip” can sound a bit more intimidating than it really is. In reality, these implantable computer chips are no bigger than a grain of rice.

Here’s how the installation process goes: A veterinarian or vet tech places them underneath your dog’s skin (usually in-between the shoulder blades) using a small needle and syringe. This process doesn’t take any longer or cause any more pain than administering a vaccine. Microchips also weigh almost nothing and aren’t irritating or even noticeable by your dog after installation. As well, they have no potential health side effects.

Since each computer chip is encoded with a unique identification number that corresponds to your dog, they will always link your dog to your contact information. How? When scanned with radio signals at a vet office or shelter, they transmit that unique number back to the specialized scanner. With that information from the scanner, the person who has your lost dog can now look up your profile in a database. Soon, you’ll receive a phone call with the good news.

The Benefits Of Microchipping Dogs

Microchips have proven themselves time and time again as the most effective method for reuniting lost pets with their people. Cats and dogs have been returned to their families from all over the country. In fact, one cat was recently reunited with his people after 14 years due to the presence of a microchip!

According AKC Reunite, pets with microchips are up to 20 times more likely to be reunited with their owners. That makes a massive difference in the lives of dogs and their people. It also reduces the number of dogs waiting for adoption in shelters. Wherever you live, the first action that shelters or vet offices take upon receiving an unclaimed dog is to scan them for a microchip. If your pup has a microchip, then your reunion will likely be shortcoming!

Microchip Options

Full Package

Third Party Lifetime Registration

Third Party Lifetime Registration and Google Tag

Package includes: 

  • Microchip implant by certified veterinary technician

  • Lifetime registration

  • Google tag


Book now to reserve your spot!

Does your pet already have a microchip with another company? 


Register your pet's current microchip with Save This Life.


Your pet's microchip will be searchable in the Google database.  If your pet gets lost, you will receive alerts right to your phone and email when found. 

This price includes your lifetime registration and your custom google tag.